• Meet hackers, designers, programmers, digital nomads,

    social entrepreneurs & startups around the world to

    connect, collaborate, and create

  • The Mission

    We are passionate about World Changing Ideas, and are on the forefront of imaginging what the world could be.

    We look to empower those hungry, eager and imaginative to create and disrupt multiple industries.


    Join us at our next event and meet hackers, designers, programmers, digital nomads, social entrepreneurs & startups around the world to collaborate, create and innovate.


  • How to #makeshithappen



    Make Something Meaningful

    We live in a world where we create things for profit, aiming to be first to market, but forget at times why we do what we do, and whether it empowers people to be or do more. So make something meaningful, change the world. Do not be afraid of a challenge and THINK BIG.


    Do not compare your beginning to someone else’s middle

    The only thing that matters is your idea and that you have the drive and passion to make it happen.


     Everyone is a resource

    Everyone in this room can help you, teach you, facilitate and bring you forward. This is not a room full of competitors; this is a room full of leaders, here for the same reason as you, to make this world a better place. So help each other.


    You can. End of Story

    The words ‘can’t, impossible, it’s always been that way’ are not permitted to be used during the 48 hour hack. Ignore the voice in your head that attempts to discourage you from doing what you want to do. YOU CAN. End of story.


  • Our Next Events

    Upcoming: First ever Atlantic Hackathon

    set sail from Colombia to Portugal

    13 days of ideas, drinks and sunshine. Join us for workshops, atlantic hack, conference & networking with over 200 digital nomads & entrepreneurs. Find out more about our workshop.


    Connect, Create & collaborate on water

    Hack your way from South America to Europe and let the big blue inspire you.

    Learn how to come up with 10x ideas

    Learn how to come up with ideas that have the potential to change the world and impact society. We teach you how to think bigger and really #makeshithappen.

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    Thoughts, musings, and ruminations.

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  • Our Partners

    A shout out to our partners who help us #makeshithappen

  • Who we are

    Movers, Shakers, Doers

    Nicole Bosky

    Co-Founder #makeshithappen

    Renowned for "Making Shit Happen", Nicole is the Founder of Adpreneurs, an innovation consultancy that builds the future of what the world could be with corporates and start-ups globally through invention of product and services, workshops, and inspiring events like Hackathons. Nicole is also the UK ambassador of Product Hunt and TEDxHackney. Nicole's most recent events include the Product Hunt Community Hackathon, Innovation takes guts Hackathon, TEDxHackney Future of Food and more.

    Clients include Reckitt Benckiser, Product Hunt, Unilever, UNinflux and more. Nicole is also the director of ‘You Couldn’t Make this Crap Up’.

    Simona Sramko

    Co-Founder #nomadsforchange

    Simona is the Founder of #NomadsForChange, a platform focused on bringing together digital nomads and social entrepreneurs to multiply their impact and create border free solutions. Before becoming a nomad, she pursued an international career in marketing & communications in profit and non for profit companies such as
    telc - The European Language Certificates, The Economist, AFA press, Imprima iRooms and worked on projects with The European Commission, The German Federal Office for Migration and Refugees, The British Council, The Nigerian Federal Ministry of Trade & Investment, HSBC, KPMG and more.

  • FAQs

    Contact us in our contact form below if you have any more questions

    What is a hackathon?

    This is a three day event bringing together the best designers, developers, marketers, hackers & business folk to create explosive solutions to world problems. Haven't partaken before? Don't worry, this is the perfect hackathon for first timers.


    Adpreneurs Hackathon Examples:


    Product Hunt - For the Community, by the Community:



    Re.hack for Sustainable Future



    Innovation takes Guts - Gaviscon


    Do I have to be a programmer or designer to attend?

    It would be nice but it’s not mandatory, while it’s important you have an interest in technology and building things, we’re looking for passionate hustlers to participate in as part of our community, so if you are a kick ass ideator, you’re more than welcome to join in on the fun.

    Do I have to come with an idea?

    Nope, only if you want to. Those with ideas have 60 seconds to pitch on Day 1 to form a team, and those who don't pitch can join in find an idea they want to spend the weekend working on.

    How do I find a team / How are teams formed?

    Teams are created on the first night during the briefing. If you have an idea, you will have 60 seconds to pitch it to the whole group, if you don’t, not to worry, you’ll get to mix and mingle so you can find an idea you believe in and help lead your team to victory!

    What are we being judged on?

    Scores are out of 35 points for the following criteria


    Impact (5 points)

    Customer Validation (5 points)

    Design (5 points)

    Creativity (5 points)

    Simplicity (5 points)

    Business Model & Scalability (5 points)

    Technology (5 points)

    What is the output of this event?

    The aim of this hackathon is to inspire the creation of world changing startups, projects and relationships that can bloom to something bigger. All events are followed up by a product demo day 6 months later.

    Can I apply to be a mentor or a judge?

    Yes of course, just apply here

    Who is organising the event?

    Adpreneurs #makeshithappen & #NomadsforChange are joining forces to incite change making ideas and shape the future of work

    How can I get in touch with you guys?

    Just get in touch with us on the below contact form and we'll respond asap

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    Then get in touch, we love world changing ideas